Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grade Connect Comes to KKCHS

The 2008-2009 School Year introduced the entire school community to Grade Connect which is an on line grading program.

The faculty will have one year before it is mandatory to use the entire program. This year all faculty must post comments and the marking period grade on Grade Connect.

Both parents and students were given usernames and passwords in order to set up their accounts.

If you have any problems with your account please contact Sister Janet at 610-275-3997.

Because parents will now have access to their son/daughter grades we will no longer send the Progress Reports/Report Cards in the mail but will give to the students to bring home.

1 comment:

David Campbell said...

Grade Connect is my hero! It makes everything easier for me and I am sure it is making your job much easier.

P.S. setting this up was an excellent idea. I applaud you.