Thursday, November 13, 2008

Parents, Your Comments are Appreciated

Dear Parents,

I hope this blog serves the purpose of keeping you up to date on the workings of the Academic Affairs Office.
I encourage you to leave your comments. I am very interested in knowing your reaction to GradeConnect. I personally feel that it has made a difference with the students production. Just the increase in the number of students receiving Honors.
Know that you and your loved ones are always in prayer.

Sister Janet


mark_psu said...

I think the addition of GradeConnect is tremendous. It is a very useful tool for the student as well as the parent. I check it out at least once a week. It alerts us to potential areas for concern or help. Thank you for implementing it school wide.

barbyann56 said...

Great information! GradeConnect needs to be utilized even more by the faculty. Also, can you post a connecting link to your blog on the website to make it even easier to find your information?